Whether the movie is a long-feature or a short film is an important aspect to take into account when writing a review. This review is about a short animation anthology that is called "Happiness Machine".  A bit of arithmetic: 20 women from 11 European countries have created an avantgarde collection of 10 movies that show the chaotic future of the world and humanity. The film starts with the words of a Jewish diplomat and writer, Stéphan Hessel, which conclude the thoughts of an anti-capitalistic activist. All of this shows that the main goal of the movie is not to give solutions, but to display the adversity and the tentativeness of our future.  There are no doubts about the ironic nature of the name "Happiness Machine". Side information: one of the animations is also called "Happiness Machine", and was created by Anna Nedeljković and Hanna Hartman. The clay animated movie is the seventh in the collection and consists of a "How to create a perfect company" game. The player has to read the agreement, which is written in a small font, sign under the paper and start to provide the highest possible income, the lack of which leads to burnout around the workers and pollutes the environment. Yet the endless line of nines seems to never be enough. When the game ends, the player loses. Do not worry, there is always a chance to start again. In this episode, the directors have coherently and clearly represented the work-style of almost every single big corporation. How they squeeze out the juices out of this planet and the people who work for them... There are many details that have not been described in this review and are left as surprises for the viewers.  The other short films are also worthy of your attention. The first one is actually an adaptation of Grimm Brothers' story "The Fisherman and His Wife" and is called "Die Flunder". "Pantopos" is made with stop-motion animation technique called "pixilation". The viewer will definitely memorize the story of an underwear factory placed in Manchester ("Bloomer"), and the last movie "Suggestion if least resistance" will create numerous questions among the audiences: It is somewhat similar to the pieces made by a New Zealand artist Lan Lye.  In general, this collection seems to be a tribute to different animating techniques. The directors are trying to revive animating styles that were forgotten by many, or even unknown to some until this day.  With the participation of an Austrian contemporary classical music orchestra "Klangforum Wien", the music of this whole project takes up a rather important role. It so happens that the films contain heroes, who do not talk, and the lack of verbal speech is compensated by the original soundtracks. This is especially seen in the movie "Hierarchy Glitch" that only contains connected quadrangular geometrical figures of various sizes. The sound effects and the harmony of the music show the characteristics of the shown figure.  "Happiness Machine" is a complex movie that contains many art-house elements. In a sense, the musical-animation convergence that makes up the collection of these films, was not created for a wide audience, but everyone will find something interesting in it: from high-quality chamber music to inspiration for painters, from politics to social problems.     Christian Ginosyan