Lisa Fukaya is a Japanese animator and film director. She was born in 1989 in Japan, but lately she has been living and creating in various European countries. Her work is occasionally reflected in music videos, gifs and illustrations.  Lisa's handwriting may remind of other sketches, but it can be easily distinguished and protruded. The images seem to be painted with watercolors from a limited color palette. In the movie "MIMI", premiered in 2018, different shades of pink and red tend to predominate the scheme. The feminine and tender atmosphere of Lisa's stories counterbalances not only their dramatism, but also the tragedy.  Mimi is a teen-age girl, who is scared to deviate from her peers. Moreover, she starts to mature earlier than them and has her first pimples. The heroine takes the critical step of imitating others. It may not seem like a tragedy, but... In this animation, the standards of teen-age girls' society are showed, which can often be cruel. What does a girl have to do to look cute and pretty, how must she fit into the stereotypes of the society. The viewer observes several metamorphosis, but the static pastel, sometimes also bright, reddish colors make disguised suggestions about the connection of maturity and blood. As a result, we have a main heroine who is simultaneously burdened with different responsibilities. You will find out her fate after watching the film.  The dynamics of the animation gradually accelerate until they reach their peak. During the 4 minutes and 17 seconds of the movie, the author quickens the rhythm and advances the music. The string melodies created by Studio Olga and Sena Oshima do a great job at being simply understandable and yet complete. They are soft and rough, strange and scary at the same time.  The parallels between this work and "Rabbit Tales" by Fukaya show the same room atmosphere, repeating details, background string music and the unfriendly feeling, though it is quite harsher in the latter. Both are Indie animations, which include Japanese aesthetics that sometimes seem anime-like. The biggest difference is the absence of line-art in "MIMI". Speaking of which, these kind of steps are taken by many indie video-game makers, who try to emphasis the beauty and the originality of the picture.  The image boundaries are not as important in "MIMI" as their texture. Surely, Mimi is the most important figure, who may even appear on the background during one of her transformations, winning the attention of the viewer.  "MIMI" is a synthesis of image, color, drama and music, hence the film will interest not only teenagers, who are the target audience of this creation, but also adults.     Christian Ginosyan