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Choose your Earlybird accreditation below. (Earlybird deadline ends on June 1, 2020)


You will have the opportunity to watch ALL of the festival’s films, both featurelength and short.


You will have the opportunity to watch not only all the films, but also to follow classes remotely, learn from the masters of their craft.
Things you have to know about ReAon Accredit

1) Only people with online accreditations (security codes, purchased in advance), will be able to access the platform.

2) Each Online Accreditation/Badge is for one-person usage, or for one-time only screening of each program/movie.

3) ReAON platform is highly secured and strictly forbidden from downloading any movie for accreditation holders.

4) ReAON platform is a “Screening ONLY” platform, not downloadable or allowed to be saved. (People with accreditation/pass code holders are only allowed for one time access for each program, movie, and workshop video materials).

5) ReAON will be available by Online Badge/Accreditation Holder beginning from the day ofthe festival opening date, until 15 December. (Accreditation owner can view each program/movie only for once).

6) Movies which are not authorized and approved for ReAON streaming, won’t be screened, and in case of being included in official selection, won’t be refunded with the submission as it will be the case with those who join ReAON platform. (All rights reserved and respected).

7) ReAON platform will automatically, BLOCK/DEPRIVE of ACCESS the users who attempt to download, and will receive a notification via e-mail.

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