This short film by Italian director Roberto Catani tells the story about the past love of the extraordinary acrobat and his beloved lover. A unique story is about the stages of love development and one of the possible solutions. The film is based on memories. The eyes staring out the window silently follow the passing acrobat, and then the woman sitting on the bed looking to the map of her hand remembers the traces of her love trajectory. Marriage, dating, first meeting: All of these are presented in a chain, with a unique crossover of scenes in which the subjects get a different look or set in another environment. The film thus has a kind of surrealistic motive: traditional animation technology and musical coloring are perfectly adapted to the sadness of dumb history. The characters are sometimes clumsy and imperfect; the red rabbit is incomprehensible in the film, but given the circus's main character and the well-known fact of being a rabbit stunt, his role in the film can be justified. It is noteworthy that the film is constructed in such a way that it can be viewed in the opposite direction, from the first meeting to the division. The little girl looks out the window, looks at the boy, then looks at the book and reads the universe (the book depicts the universe) imagines all the scenes that in the other case are memories. And the appearance and departure of the acrobat hint that what begins one day should be  ended one day and so throughout life ...     Angin Tsaturyan