Each of us wants to be part of the sociaty, but at the same time to differ from it and for each of us that period is unique. Undoubtedly, it had its own influence on animation’s main character Mimi. This short feature animation “MIMI” was produced in Denmark by MIYU animated film production. The director is Lisa Fukaya. The duration of 2D drama is 4 minutes and it all happens with the harmony of pink and red. Mimi has her first pimple. By getting afraid of being different from the girls around she starts to mimic them. At first the animation can remind us of the pink sakura’s country Japan. The idea of the animation is based around that pimple. We can see it from the very first moments of the animation till the end. That red pimples we see are the character’s fear and as she took it in her hand all the animation changes its colors from soft pink to dark red and black. As we see, that colors impress Mimi’s altering and developing emotions more than the plot scenes. Also the combination of the music and scenes are pleasant and chosen appropriately. The animation isn’t technically rich and is made simple, also there are some scenes that are repeating. In many parts we can see red butterflies. The basic idea is the similarities between the character and butterfly. In that moment when the hair of Mimi has been cut she disintegrates and becomes a butterfly and unites with other butterflies. The society makes the girl vulnerable which makes her to lose her own uniqueness and she unites with other people or as we say butterflies who had the same treatment by the society. I can say that people in every age range can watch this animation to see what happens to the people who are different from the society and how they struggle against the society. For some it can be a throwback to their childhood or teenage years, for others it can have an educational influence and the rest of the audience can watch it just for the colors and aesthetics.    Liana Tourian