Coming to Annecy International Animation Film Festival for the first time in the late 1990s as a designer of "L'Homme aux bras ballants" film, Bruno Collet soon began his career as a director and already in 2019 starred at the same festival with his film called "Mémorable". The film won Junior Jury Award, Cristal for a Short Film and an Audience Award for a Short Film.   The screenplay was also written by Collet. The title is translated as memorable, unforgettable, which fully expresses the impression you will have after watching the movie. It tells the story of an elderly couple. Louis (by André Wilms) is an artist and from the first seconds you can clearly see his infinite love for two phenomena: art and his muse Michelle (by Dominique Reymond). Everything seems ordinary and mundane until the audience is exposed to the unsolvable problem that the heroes have encountered. Alzheimer's disease.   Gradually things and even people lose their form and ambiguity for Louis. The memories and the present blend in, forcing the viewer to fall into doubt as well. What is real and what is not, what is present and what is past? The art he has kept in his consciousness for many years is now being used as a defense mechanism against forgetfulness and obscurity flooding his life.   The task of bringing Louis back to life is taken by Michelle, who fights his futile struggle against despair throughout the film. In the end, Louis, losing much of his memory and not recognizing Michelle, begins to flirt with her like an inexperienced young man. He dances with the last, vague memories of the woman's features. Emotions reach an apogee, Michelle gradually disappears, and there is a simple fragrance in the air - inevitability.   Although the ending is sad, the film is being tattooed in the audience's memory as the most triumphant and unconditional love story - a love that forgives weakness. The touching music of the film (by Nicolas Martin), Van Gogh's art-inspired palette, it is all about art. When you look at it, you feel that if you touch the characters, you will touch Van Gogh's canvases.   All of this is represented by stop-motion animation technique. The author himself explains the choice of technique by the fact that stop-motion animation allows a more vivid expression of the disintegration of the world around the main character, when even time is lost in form and clarity.   The author has found an interesting technical solution to make his characters "talk". While it is usually necessary to constantly change their faces physically in order to make them "talk", the complexity of the structure of the characters and the work being done on them in "Mémorable" did not allow to use that exact technique. So it was needed to make characters really move their lips. And because their skin is made of latex foam, it was possible to provide movement with the pattern of human muscle movement.   Quite a game with light and shadow. This fact is interesting because it is their play in life that clarifies the form and size of the objects to which the film is opposed in all of its essence. The details and footnotes are sharp. Every emotion of the characters in the animated film is expressive, at least in the slightest movement of the character's head or eyes. Second time watching you can already see how even the choice of Giacometti's "Grande tê de Diego" bronze statuette as a doctor reflects the whole amorphous reality of the main character.   Interestingly, this film about a severe neurological problem has received Junior Jury Award at Annecy, which proves that despite being quite mature, it has even won the approval of children.   While watching the film, one can draw parallels with Collet's earlier works, such as his animated film "Le Dos au Mur", which won the Young Critic Award at International Critics' Week in Cannes (2001). It was done with the same technique and in that film too much emphasis was placed on the influence of time on the characters and on their transformation in form, role and perception on time. Eventually, at the end of both films, the main characters, who embody feminine and masculine beings, merge. If in the first film it's shown as a metal jigsaw,  in "Mémorable" it was the last dance.   Summing up, Mémorable has already received three awards from the Brazilian "Anima Mundi Festival" in addition to its success at Annecy, and will be screened in Yerevan in the framework of the ReAnimania International Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan in the second half of October.      Anna Danielyan