Flood (Flut) is a German short animated film which is the second film by German animator Malte Stein. The film tells you a story of how a dirty lake overflows its banks and threatens to flood the city and the story revolves around a mother and a son living in that city. During the film, the heroes try to escape the apocalypse that threatens them outside. While outside, the world sinks peacefully into the water, the apocalypse rages inside. The number of movie dialogues is so small, at first sight they even make no sense, but in the end the importance and impact of the dialogues literally underscore the film's colossal role. The mood, the atmosphere and the ideology that movie creates, reminds you of David Lynch's, Gaspar Noe's, Alejandro Jodorowsky's movies, the plot is rather slow. The number of events is as small as the dialogues, but the importance of them plays a huge role for the heroes. Stein's previous film (Blauer Traum) looks like Flut's ancestor in its tone and structure, and it's not just these two aspects that connect these films. These two animations are also very similar, and in "Flood", it seems Stein has reached the level he was still striving for in "Blauer Traum". The animation is basically handmade and throws the viewer into the existential mood. This animation is ideal for the world created by Malta, and even with its "impurity" and "nuisance" it is very aesthetic. The details of the animation and the tone of the film are very subtle and best suited to the depressing and apocalyptic world of the film. Films with similar animations are now so rare, but for the fans of handmade animation this will be one of the revelations of the year. "Flood" may push you away because of its non-standard approach and the dark tone, but it's worth to watch because this story might make the viewer to see not only the gorgeous animated image but also to think about many issues. It doesn't show you the apocalypse as a plain blockbuster, moreover, it enhances the plot displaying it as a terrible phenomenon.   David Manukyan