"Away" is the debut full-length animated film by Latvian animator Gints Zilbalodis, which is a full-length version of his short film called "Oasis". The director is also the film's screenwriter, animator, producer, composer and editor. When a juvenile boy appears on a deserted island and meets the so called "secret essence" (dark nature), he starts off his mysterious journey. Through its visual decisions and story development, the film is reminiscent of the work of Terrence Malick and Kim Ki Duk ("The Tree of Life", "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring"), where the visual aspects of storytelling were also key aspects. The film spreads over in four chapters and with each chapter the main character matures spiritually and his actions become more human. The absence of the dialogues can be a obstacle to the unprepared viewer, but if the viewer starts to dig into the story and hardly misses any details, then it is not a big deal. The gap that has been made by the absent dialogues is filled by an atmospheric soundtrack that surely seems to guide the viewer on his own journey. As you watch it, many questions will likely arise and some questions will remain unanswered. Such questions make the watching even interesting and might make the viewer double watch it which more likely will be the way to find those unanswered questions. What concerns to the technical part of the movie, it's made in 3D, but this is not the simplest 3D that everyone is familiar with, such as Pixar's or Disney's works. At first sight, the film reminds you of an indie game with its animation, and even some parts appear to be parts of "Shadow of The Colossus" or one of the well-known "Zelda" series games. The separated chapters of the story makes you compare them to the video games, because every chapter is a new "level".  One of the reasons why the animation is far from the perfect animation may be that Gintz has worked absolutely alone on this animation, and 3D is the most convenient way to cover the absence of details. The animation of the characters is mediocre, but their design and role in the film saves them from being dull and empty. 3D animation helps you feel and see the beauty and the harmony of mother nature. Animation is also close to the 3D films of the 90's, when 3D was just starting to take its shape and was far from what we see now. All this also creates a special mood for the film. And finally, for whom is this film made, and will it find its audience? Without any doubt, Yes! Because this movie is something different from what we basically see nowadays. Interesting animated decisions, unpredictable and surreal story, wonderful and irreplaceable atmosphere, and Gintz's love for animation ... Due to these things "Away" will find its audience and will win the love of its viewers. Yes, it could have been better, but the end is not disappointing, and promises that we will still hear Gints Zilbaldodes's name in the animation world, and his new projects will left the viewers speechless and suprised.   David Manukyan