Frank Dion, with the words of French singer Kent's "Real People" (KENT "Les vrais gens"), introduces us to a day in the life of chickens. One day is enough to get acquainted with the system-state surrounding it. The animated film begins with a scene of large, perhaps ominous, controlling everything an eye clearing. In general, this director likes to use chickens as a symbol, for example in the movie "Edmond was a donkey" in the psychiatric scene you can see a man who thinks he is a chicken, or in the next movie "The head vanishes" you can see a chicken with a head lost, who refuses to die. And the director's third animated film is entirely dedicated to the chicken community. It’s about the hierarchy of chickens with human behavior. This is a model that allows people to watch from the side. Chickens have children and parents, a crowning top, a newspaper called "The Kingdom Times", they love their children because they reflect their dreams and desires. They believe that television creates value; they love everything easy for them. They love it by chance, just make them happy and everything will be easy. They go on vacation as if they were robotic chickens repeating each other's actions. They love foreigners, but it doesn't mean they are ready to help them when needed. They are “real people” and they are ridiculous with it. The film also has a humanistic message because it says people are Chinese, people are Turks, but they are all human beings.   Nane Petrosyan